Power Your Blockchain Infrastructure with Cloud Solutions

• Choosing a blockchain cloud provider requires careful consideration as they may offer very different solution sets.
• Hybrid and multi-cloud options are crucial for blockchain interoperability and decentralisation.
• A cloud provider’s stance on regulatory policies and compliance guidelines is important for ensuring industry-specific regulations are met.

The use of blockchain technology is increasing rapidly in various industries, and cloud solutions are emerging to address the various challenges associated with blockchain development. Cloud solutions can provide a cost-effective approach to managing blockchain strategies as well as address the need for speed-to-market and scalability. As such, it is important to consider all the options when looking for a cloud provider that meets the needs of your ideal blockchain infrastructure.

When it comes to developing a blockchain infrastructure, hybrid and multi-cloud options are essential to ensure interoperability and decentralisation. Hybrid and multi-cloud options allow for a distributed network that can interact with one another, making it easier to transfer data between different systems. It is important to ensure that the cloud service provider you choose is multilocal, as this can be beneficial for the decentralised nature of blockchain back-end solutions. Additionally, it is important to assess a cloud provider’s stance on regulatory policies, such as GDPR, as well as industry-specific compliance guidelines.

Furthermore, cloud solutions can reduce the cost of running a blockchain infrastructure, as it eliminates the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware. Additionally, cloud-based solutions are often much more flexible than traditional systems, allowing for scalability, faster deployment, and more efficient management. In addition, cloud solutions can provide workforce management, enabling the use of distributed teams to maintain the system more easily. Finally, cloud solutions can provide a faster time-to-market release, helping to get the product launched more quickly.

Overall, cloud solutions are an ideal way to manage any blockchain infrastructure. Careful consideration must be given to all the options to ensure the cloud provider chosen meets the needs of your ideal blockchain infrastructure. Hybrid and multi-cloud options offer a distributed network that can interact with one another, and are essential for ensuring interoperability and decentralisation. Moreover, cloud solutions can reduce operational costs, provide workforce management capabilities, and enable faster time-to-market releases. As such, cloud solutions are an ideal way to manage any blockchain infrastructure.

Reap Launches Industry-Leading Innovation with Crypto Payments for Web3 Businesses

-Reap is offering expense management software that will enable web3 companies to settle their fiat payments with cryptocurrencies
-Reap has integrated with Fireblocks to create an easy-to-use and secure platform for web3 projects
-This innovation is aimed at bridging the gap between web3 businesses and the web2 fiat economy

Reap, a global fintech company, recently announced the launch of their industry-leading innovation that includes cryptocurrency repayments functionality for the Web3 industry. Through their Reap Visa Corporate Card („Reap Card“) platform, Reap is offering expense management software that will allow web3 companies to settle their fiat payments with cryptocurrencies.

This innovative solution has been designed to bridge the gap between web3 businesses and the web2 fiat economy. Currently, the traditional banking system does not yet have an industry standard for web3 businesses to convert crypto into fiat, so this new solution from Reap will be a welcome addition to the market.

Daren Guo, Co-Founder of Reap, said: „We noticed a gap in the payments market involving web3 projects that face challenges for settling corporate expenses with non-fiat currencies like cryptocurrency. A seamless and scalable solution to convert crypto into fiat currently does not exist as traditional banks have not been able to settle on an industry standard for these web3 businesses. Reap is now able to bridge the gap between web3 businesses and the web2 fiat economy.“

The security of digital assets is of paramount importance when it comes to building customer trust, which is why Reap has integrated with Fireblocks, an easy-to-use platform to create new blockchain-based products and manage day-to-day digital asset operations. Stephen Richardson, SVP of Financial Markets at Fireblocks, commented: „We are delighted to be working with Reap to power secure, frictionless payments for web3 creators. Reap’s solution stands to improve operational efficiency for web3 projects, allowing founders and project owners to focus on building innovative products with greater peace of mind.“

Reap’s new solution is set to revolutionize the payments market, allowing web3 businesses to settle their corporate expenses with non-fiat currencies like cryptocurrency, while also providing the security and stability of Fireblocks‘ platform. This will provide web3 projects with a seamless and scalable solution that does not currently exist in the traditional banking system. It is a welcome addition to the payments market, and one that is sure to be a big success.

Twitter Launches Coins Feature, Boosting Revenue and User Base!

• Twitter is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow users to support content creators with a small fee.
• The feature will be powered by payment giant Stripe, thus allowing Twitter to diversify its revenue.
• Elon Musk and his development team are expected to give blockchain technology and the crypto market a bigger role on the social media platform.

Twitter Inc., the social media platform owned by billionaire Elon Musk, is reportedly preparing to launch a new feature that will allow users to support content creators of their choice by paying a small fee. This new feature, which will be powered by payment giant Stripe, could provide a much needed boost to the platform’s revenue, which has suffered from a slump in advertising.

The new “Coins” feature will enable Twitter users to purchase coins that can be used to support content creators and reward them for creating original and engaging content. This will add to the existing range of features, such as Twitter Blue, that have already been released in the past few months. Twitter Blue is a subscription service that gives users access to exclusive content and features, but the reception has not been overwhelming.

As well as the Coins feature, Musk and his team of developers are preparing to give blockchain technology and the crypto market a much bigger role on the platform. This will involve allowing Twitter users to search for up-to-date price information, as well as providing a more secure and reliable way of making payments.

The new feature is expected to transform Twitter into the everything app Musk envisioned when he acquired the company last year. It could also help to fuel the platform’s usage, as well as providing a new way for Twitter users to monetize their content and encourage creativity.

Overall, the new Coins feature could be a game changer for Twitter, allowing it to diversify its revenue and boost its user base. It remains to be seen how the feature will be received, but it could be the beginning of an exciting new era for the platform.

Interchain Station Integration Boosts Terra Classic Network

• Terra Classic (LUNC) is now compatible with Interchain Station, as confirmed by Terraform Labs lead developer Jared.
• The integration is expected to have a long-term positive impact on the LUNC price.
• DeFi developers will have access to oracle data from multiple blockchains via the Interchain Station.

The Terra Classic (LUNC) network has just been given a major boost with the successful integration of the Interchain Station. This integration was announced by Jared, the lead developer of Terraform Labs, via his official Twitter account. The Terra Classic network takes pride in its market capitalization of $981,178,831 and its 24-hour traded volume of $97,623,378.

The Interchain Station integration is expected to have a long-term positive impact on the LUNC price. Unfortunately, the announcement was not immediately reflected in the LUNC price, which is currently down by approximately 2.6% in the past 24 hours. However, this integration will benefit the DeFi developers, who will have access to oracle data from multiple blockchains via the Interchain Station. The TFL Interchain integration was originally scheduled for January 12, but this launch was delayed. Jared, however, surprised the LUNC community with the launch of the Interchain Station on January 10, 48 hours ahead of schedule.

The Interchain Station is expected to be a game changer for Web3. It will enable seamless communication between different blockchains, allowing for more efficient and secure transactions. Aside from Terra Classic, other blockchains such as Osmosis, Juno, and SEI are joining the Interchain Station to push forward the Web3 industry.

The announcement of the Interchain Station integration is undoubtedly a huge step forward for the Terra Classic network. It is expected to have a positive long-term effect on the LUNC price, as well as provide more convenience and security for DeFi developers. With the Interchain Station, more blockchains will be able to join the Web3 industry, creating a more secure and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

So verbinden Sie Ihr Telefon mit Ihrem Windows 10 PC

Wer will schon einen langen Artikel auf einem winzigen Telefonbildschirm lesen? Das Windows 10 Fall Creators Update fügt einen neuen Abschnitt „Telefon“ in der App „Einstellungen“ hinzu, mit dem Sie Ihr Telefon mit Ihrem PC verbinden können. Sobald Sie die Verbindung hergestellt haben, können Sie Artikel – lange oder kurze – von Ihrem Telefon an Ihren PC senden, um sie in aller Ruhe zu Ende zu lesen.

Herstellen einer Verbindung

1. Um Ihr Telefon zu verbinden, öffnen Sie die App Einstellungen auf Ihrem Computer und klicken oder tippen Sie auf Telefon.

2. Melden Sie sich bei Ihrem Microsoft-Konto an, falls Sie dies noch nicht getan haben, und klicken Sie dann auf Telefon hinzufügen.

3. Geben Sie Ihre Telefonnummer ein und klicken oder tippen Sie auf Senden.

4. Sie sollten eigentlich erwarten, dass Sie einen Bestätigungscode per SMS erhalten, um die Verbindung herzustellen, aber Microsoft macht Ihnen einen Strich durch die Rechnung und sendet Ihnen stattdessen einen Link zur Installation von Edge. Um die Verbindung zwischen Telefon und PC herzustellen, müssen Sie Edge installieren und sich dann bei Ihrem Microsoft-Konto anmelden.

5. Nach einem Neustart des PCs wird Ihr Telefon auf der Seite Telefon in den Einstellungen aufgeführt, um Ihnen zu zeigen, dass es verknüpft ist.

Links freigeben

Tippen Sie beim Browsen in Edge auf Ihrem Telefon auf die Schaltfläche Freigeben in der Mitte der unteren Menüleiste. Daraufhin wird der Gerätename Ihres PCs aufgelistet. Tippen Sie darauf, und Sie öffnen sofort eine neue Registerkarte in Edge auf Ihrem PC. Leider wird der Artikel, den Sie gerade lesen, nicht an der Stelle auf der Seite geöffnet, an der Sie aufgehört haben, sondern am Anfang.

Die andere Option im Freigabemenü ist Später fortsetzen. Wenn Sie darauf tippen, wird eine Benachrichtigung an Ihren PC gesendet, die Sie daran erinnert, die Seite später zu lesen.

Klicken oder tippen Sie auf das Symbol in der unteren rechten Ecke Ihres Computers, um die Windows-Benachrichtigungszentrale zu öffnen. Dort finden Sie einen Abschnitt mit der Überschrift Von Ihrem Telefon aus fortsetzen mit Ihren Links zum späteren Lesen.

Sie können Links auch von der mobilen Cortana-App auf dieselbe Weise wie Edge an Ihren PC senden.

Ändern Sie den Gerätenamen Ihres PCs

Bevor Sie begonnen haben, Links von Ihrem Telefon an Ihren PC zu senden, haben Sie sich wahrscheinlich keine Gedanken über den offiziellen Gerätenamen Ihres PCs gemacht. Wenn er ein hässliches Durcheinander von Zahlen und Buchstaben ist, können Sie ihn in etwas Angenehmeres und Informativeres ändern. Gehen Sie dazu zu Einstellungen > System > Info und klicken Sie dann unter Gerätespezifikationen auf die Schaltfläche Diesen PC umbenennen. Geben Sie einen neuen Namen ein, klicken Sie auf Weiter, und nach einem Neustart wird Ihr PC auf den neuen Namen reagieren.

So ändern Sie das Standard-Google-Konto

Sie haben wahrscheinlich mehrere Google-Konten. Mit jedem davon können Sie jeden Google-Dienst nutzen. Was aber, wenn Sie Ihr Standard-Google-Konto oder Google Mail ändern möchten? Ja, Sie können auch Konten wechseln, um Ihr Standard-Gmail zu ändern, indem Sie das Standard-Google-Konto wechseln. Lassen Sie uns beginnen.

So ändern Sie das Standard-Google-Konto unter Windows, Mac oder Chromebook

Egal, ob Sie ein Windows-, Chromebook- oder Mac-Benutzer sind, es wird Sie freuen zu hören, dass die Dinge auf allen Plattformen gleich funktionieren. Das liegt daran, dass Sie auf allen Systemen über einen Browser auf Google zugreifen. Google öffnet neue Fenster immer mit Ihrem Standardkonto. Google weist auch die erste Anmeldung als Standard zu, weshalb Sie sich zuerst von allen Konten abmelden müssen. So ändern Sie Ihr Standard-Google-Konto und damit auch Ihr Standard-Gmail-Konto auf Windows- oder Mac-PCs.

Öffnen Sie den Browser Ihrer Wahl, gehen Sie zu Google.com und klicken Sie auf Ihr Profilsymbol im oberen rechten Bereich.

Wählen Sie „Aus allen Konten abmelden“.

Ihr Profilsymbol wird ausgeblendet. Klicken Sie auf „Anmelden“, wo Ihr Profilsymbol angezeigt wurde.

Melden Sie sich in Ihrem gewählten Standard-Google-Konto an. Möglicherweise wird eine Liste von Google-Konten angezeigt oder Sie müssen eines eingeben, indem Sie auf „Konto hinzufügen“ klicken.

Nachdem Sie die oben genannten Schritte ausgeführt haben, sollte sich Ihr Standard-Google-Konto in jedem neuen Fenster öffnen, und beim Öffnen von Google Mail sollte ebenfalls Ihr Standard-Gmail-Konto angezeigt werden.

Wenn Sie im selben Fenster ein anderes Konto auswählen, wird Ihr erstes Anmeldekonto normalerweise als Standardkonto in der Liste der Konten angezeigt. Diese Funktion hilft Ihnen, das aktuelle Standardprofil zu identifizieren.

Für Google Mail klicken Sie auf das richtige Profil im oberen rechten Bereich und dann auf „Google Mail“. Google lädt die Seite mit dem E-Mail-Konto des aktuell ausgewählten Profils. Wenn Sie derzeit mit dem Standard-Google-Konto arbeiten, wird natürlich auch das Standard-Gmail-Konto geladen.

So ändern Sie das Standard-Google-Konto auf dem Handy

Leider ist die Verwaltung Ihres Google-Kontos über die mobile App problematisch. Es stehen nicht alle Optionen zur Verfügung, und Sie haben möglicherweise Probleme, das Standardkonto für das Gerät auszuwählen. Daher wird empfohlen, dass Sie die Google Chrome-App verwenden, um Ihr Standard-Google-Konto zu ändern. Diese Methode folgt den gleichen Anweisungen wie oben für Windows- und Mac-Systeme.

Wenn Sie Ihr Standard-Google-Konto oder Google Mail über die Google Mail-Seite von Chrome ändern möchten, folgen Sie den nachstehenden Anweisungen.

Öffnen Sie Chrome und gehen Sie zu mail.gmail.com. Tippen Sie dann auf die horizontale Ellipse (Hamburger-Symbol) im oberen linken Bereich.

Tippen Sie auf das Dropdown-Menü am oberen Rand, um das aktuelle Standard-Gmail-Konto anzuzeigen.

Wählen Sie „Ihr Google-Konto verwalten“.

Tippen Sie auf „Abmelden“, beginnen Sie dann von vorne und melden Sie sich mit dem Konto an, das Sie als Standardkonto verwenden möchten.

Gerente de Hedge FUD: Ray Dalio dice ‚buena probabilidad‘ de una prohibición de Bitcoin en EE. UU.

Estados Unidos podría repetir su prohibición de la propiedad de oro de 1930, pero para Bitcoin.

A medida que la corrección de Bitcoin se profundiza, el miedo, la incertidumbre y la duda han regresado, y el administrador de fondos de cobertura multimillonario Ray Dalio agregó mucho más

En una entrevista con el editor en jefe de Yahoo Finance el 24 de marzo, el fundador del fondo de cobertura de $ 150 mil millones Bridgewater Associates declaró que existe una „buena probabilidad“ de que el gobierno de los Estados Unidos pueda prohibir Ethereum Code tal como lo hizo con la propiedad de oro en el 1930.

Eso sucedió porque los líderes del gobierno en ese momento no querían que el oro compitiera con el dinero fiduciario y el crédito como reserva de riqueza, agregó Dalio.

“No quieren que otros fondos estén operando o compitiendo porque las cosas pueden salirse de control. Por tanto, creo que es muy probable que, en determinadas circunstancias, se proscriba de la misma forma en que se prohibió el oro „.

El multimillonario administrador de fondos de cobertura y filántropo, que llamó a Bitcoin „un invento increíble“ y lo comparó con el oro en enero , señaló que el gobierno de la India ya está tratando de prohibir Bitcoin y el comercio de criptomonedas en general. Agregó que no es un experto, pero afirmó que se puede rastrear y el gobierno puede averiguar quién lo está tratando.

Sin embargo, hubo un poco de luz al final de la sombría perspectiva de Dalio cuando reconoció que BTC ha resistido la prueba del tiempo como clase de activo

“Bitcoin ha demostrado su eficacia durante los últimos 10 años, no ha sido pirateado. En general, por lo tanto, se trabajó sobre una base operativa. Ha conseguido un gran número de seguidores. Es una alternativa, en cierto sentido, reserva de riqueza. Es como un dinero en efectivo digital. Y esas son las ventajas „.

El 16 de marzo, Dalio declaró que el gobierno de EE. UU. Podría apuntar a aquellos que abandonan el dólar por Bitcoin, ya que se vuelve „inhóspito para el capitalismo“ en preparación para cambios fiscales „impactantes“ para abordar la crisis de la deuda nacional.

Los comentarios se producen cuando la corrección de Bitcoin continúa profundizándose a medida que han surgido señales de que el mercado alcista está entrando en sus últimas etapas en la cadena . BTC se ha corregido en un 13,5% desde su máximo histórico de $ 60,100 a los precios actuales de alrededor de $ 52,000.

Price forecast: Ethereum, Stellar and Uniswap rise – what matters now

Ethereum, Stellar and Uniswap move north in lockstep

The three analysed altcoins Ethereum (ETH), Stellar (XLM) as well as the DeFi project Uniswap (UNI) impressively show the bullish sentiment on the entire crypto market. However, the futures on Bitcoin (BTC) expiring today should also lead to larger movements in the altcoins.

  • Ethereum (ETH): Another attack on the all-time high is imminent
  • Price (ETH): 1,425 US dollars (USD) (previous week: 1,214 USD)
  • Resistances/targets: 1,420 USD, 1,482 USD, 1,591 USD, 2,057 USD, 2,811 USD, 3,565 USD
  • Supports: 1,228 USD, 1,042 USD, 922 USD, 837 USD, 747 USD, 675 USD, 624 USD


The Ether price is benefiting from two developments these days. In addition to the price breakout of Bitcoin (BTC), currently fuelled by a tweet from Elon Musk, investor interest in DeFi projects continues by Bitcoin Lifestyle to be a reason for the rise. The moving average EMA20 (red) again acted as a good support in recent trading days and increases the chances of a renewed breakout attempt above the all-time high at USD 1,482.

Bullish variant (Ethereum)

Ethereum continues to be bullish as already mentioned in the last analysis. Yesterday, Thursday 28 January, the EMA20 (red) once again acted as a springboard for a rise towards the north. As long as this moving support is used again and again for new buying, an attack on the all-time high at USD 1,482 can be firmly planned. If Ethereum can dynamically jump above this resistance level in the next few trading days, the price should immediately push through to the 200 Fibonacci extension at USD 1,591. In order to attack higher price targets in the medium term, a retest of the area around USD 1,425 is to be advocated starting from this level. Whether a direct march above USD 1,591 or a consistency test of the breakout level is carried out should crystallise in the following. A breach of the USD 1,591 level on a daily basis will lead the Ether price directly towards the 261 Fibonacci extension at USD 2,057.

However, initial profit-taking at this resistance level cannot be ruled out. If the ether price also sustainably surpasses this resistance, a further price increase of 35 per cent to the 361 Fibonacci extension at USD 2,811 is conceivable. If the overall market moves upwards and the price rally does not come to an abrupt end, a march through to USD 3,277 and a maximum of USD 3,565 is realistic in the coming months. From a chart perspective, these two resistance levels are the next important price targets. From the current price level at USD 1,425, this corresponds to a price increase of 150 percentage points. If investors manage to break through these resistance levels with sustained interest, the Ether price could already march through to the 561 Fibonacci extension at USD 4,319 and at most to the 661 Fibonacci extension at USD 5,073 in the first half of 2021. Whether and how quickly these marks will be reached in 2021 is still written in the stars, but it is very conceivable.

Bearish variant (Ethereum)

At present, another price collapse is rather unlikely, as the interest in the second-largest cryptocurrency is too great. However, if there is a correction in the Ether price, the bulls can be expected to put up more resistance at USD 1,228. The cross support of the EMA20 and the green upward trend line represents a solid support. If bears still manage to break through this price level dynamically, a correction in the direction of the previous week’s low at USD 1,042 is conceivable. If the low at USD 1,042 is also undercut with a vengeance, this would be a first break in the trend that should not be underestimated and could lead to further price declines. As a result, the ether price will fall back to 922 USD. This is the super-trend in the daily chart, which will once again be difficult to break.

More blockchain, please: 40% of executives say they ‚could not handle‘ supply chains in crisis

The global economic crisis brought on by the pandemic has opened up failures in supply chain risk management, but technologies such as blockchain may be the solution.

More blockchain, please: 40% of executives say they ‚couldn’t handle‘ supply chains in the crisisNOTHINGS


A survey of 320 executives from companies in different segments in 18 countries revealed that 40% of professionals „could not handle“ their supply chains during the height of the current economic crisis, according to the CIO from IDG website.

Platform that uses blockchain technology to ‚trade energy‘ will be tested in Brazil
In addition to supply chain problems, Orange Business Services‘ „Real-time Intelligence and the Future of Supply Chains“ survey also showed that more than 80% of respondents „are more aware of possible production stoppages, logistical bottlenecks and material shortages,“ mainly due to the impacts of the current pandemic.

The survey focused on the manufacturing, transportation and logistics sectors, revealing a radical change in executive awareness, which today stands at 83% among those who do not despise current risks in supply chains.

To deal with the problems and frustration of seeing their operations paralyzed, executives are seeking more speed, agility and innovation, seeking to bring more resilience and sustainability through disruptive technologies.

Digitization and real-time decision-making have become essential to the survival of many of the companies heard, the study says. As a result, eight out of ten executives acted to accelerate the digitization of supply chains with technologies such as blockchain, 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud and big data analytics.

Goal, TAM and Blue to use blockchain passport for Covid-19 test certification
Almost 50% of companies today are reviewing and revising their risk management strategies for the next two years. Automation, the report notes, is also expected to gain traction and double the number of companies seeking to cope with rapid changes in demand through technology.

Kristof Symons, International Executive Vice President of Orange Business Services, says in the report:

„The global health emergency has made organizations accept the fragility of their ecosystems. Critical gaps must be filled to ensure end-to-end visibility on a global scale and minimize risk to business. Digital technologies and resources are the key to enabling companies and their partners to safely reinvent their supply chain. Digitization and data collection will also be the key enablers to become more sustainable and save costs as well as the planet“.

Adoption of blockchain and high technology by notaries will boost agribusiness in Brazil, says Ministry of Agriculture
The survey was conducted between August and October 2020 with leaders from 320 companies. The study also concludes that if corporations can implement their risk management plan based on disruptive technologies, digital sustainability management programs should become „near universal in two years.

Como as melhores universidades americanas estão aumentando privadamente suas propriedades de Bitcoin

Ao longo dos anos, a aquisição da Bitcoin entre as empresas de investimento tornou-se uma prática comum, mas o setor parece estar se expandindo à medida que as universidades estão agora garantindo seu lugar no mercado de Bitcoin.

Seus ativos de Bitcoin ao longo do último ano

De acordo com a Coindesk, fontes conscientes desta atividade revelaram que as principais instituições dos Estados Unidos têm aumentado discretamente seus ativos de Bitcoin Future ao longo do último ano.

Estas não são instituições quaisquer; na verdade, estas são algumas das universidades com os maiores fundos de doações dos Estados Unidos. Harvard (mais de US$ 40 bilhões), Yale (mais de US$ 30 bilhões) e Brown (US$ 4,7 bilhões) são três das oito faculdades da Ivy League no país que dizem fazer parte da lista.

A respeitável Universidade de Michigan (US$ 12,5 bilhões) também está seguindo as pegadas das Ivies. Aparentemente, a Coinbase tem sido o intermediário que facilita as transações. Foi revelado que estas instituições têm comprado diretamente da bolsa Coinbase.

O porta-voz que pediu para ser anônimo disse à Coindesk que atualmente há um número considerável de instituições despejando fundos em ativos criptográficos. „Há um bom número delas. Muitas doações estão alocando um pouco para a criptografia no momento“.

Mas o interesse em moedas criptográficas começou em 2019

Mas o interesse em moedas criptográficas começou em 2019 e especula-se que a Coinbase tenha mantido os fundos para as instituições por até 18 meses, de acordo com a fonte, que observa que tais instituições estão provavelmente obtendo um retorno decente sobre o investimento e poderiam possivelmente tornar públicas suas aquisições da Bitcoin este ano. A fonte é citada dizendo;

„Pode ser desde meados de 2019. A maioria já foi em pelo menos um ano. Eu pensaria que eles provavelmente irão discutir isso publicamente em algum momento deste ano. Suspeito que eles estariam sentados em alguns belos pedaços de retorno“.

Outra fonte, que faz parte da indústria de fundos de hedge, afirmou que os planos de pensão públicos começarão a ser alocados em breve nos próximos meses.

„Estamos vendo planos de pensão de benefício definido chegando perto de fazer alocações. Estamos vendo os planos de pensão públicos se aproximando de fazer alocações“.

Ari Paul, o cofundador da BlockTower Capital, disse: „Se eu tivesse ouvido isso três anos atrás, eu teria dito que estava errado“.

„Mas muitas instituições estão agora confortáveis com Bitcoin. Elas o entendem e podem simplesmente comprá-lo diretamente, desde que seja de uma entidade regulamentada como Coinbase, Fidelity ou Anchorage“.