Bitstamp Teases Big XRP Announcement: Crypto Community Ecstatic

• Crypto exchange Bitstamp has teased a major XRP announcement with a video clip.
• The announcement is speculated to be related to Ripple’s minority stake acquisition in the exchange.
• Bitstamp has been acting as a gateway for Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL).

Crypto Exchange Bitstamp Teases Big XRP Announcement

Crypto exchange Bitstamp has tweeted a short video clip with the caption “Tomorrow” and XRP-related hashtags, leaving the crypto community wondering what surprise they have in store. Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp seems to be planning an XRP-related announcement today and has posted a tweet with a short video clip and the caption “tomorrow”, fueling speculation of what it could entail.

Community Speculation

Some members of the XRP community have made guesses about what the announcement could be. One interesting scene in the video was an XRP rocket moving upward, leading some to speculate that it may set up for a price surge following the news release. Panos, founder of Digital Generation Finance suspected that Bitstamp is probably planning to announce full integration of XRPL and DEX connection to its order books while another user identified as “wEeZiE” suggested that it may be related to Ripple’s minority stake acquisition in European crypto exchange Bitstamp which would help facilitate access into their network.

Bitstamp & Ripple Partnership

Bitstamp is known for having a partnership with Ripple by acting as a gateway for their blockchain company providing clients entry into RippleNet as well as being part of their On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) program. It is also reported that large amounts of XRP have been moved by whales including Ripple itself recently which could indicate further plans for collaboration between them both leading up to this big announcement.

What Could Be Announced?

At this point, no one knows exactly what will be announced but speculations include full integration of XRPL on their platform, DEX connection with order books and fiat ramps with focus payment options enabled through On-Demand Liquidity(ODL). There are high hopes among members of the crypto community regarding this upcoming development and its potential impact on prices going forward .


It remains uncertain until updates are made available but whatever it might be, many members of the crypto community are excited about today’s reveal from cryptocurrency exchange Bitsatmp concerning its plans involving XRP related developments