Dombey Electric Co.: Making Crypto Mining Affordable and Accessible!

• Dombey Electric Co. introduced the lower power consuming cryptocurrency miners in 2019 and have sold over 2,000 copies.
• In October 2022, they introduced a miner with a solar panel, known as Dompre (Dombey Previa), which has double sources of power.
• They provide free solar power systems, D200, exclusively for cryptocurrency miners to prevent concerns with accumulated electricity bills.

Dombey Electric Co. has been a leading manufacturer of electrical equipment since its founding in Finland in 2010, with Hong Kong as its production site and offices all over the world. In 2019, they introduced a set of cryptocurrency miners that had extremely low power consumption, aimed to help ease the financial strain of hefty electricity and utility bills. At the time, the miners were introduced to the Hong Kong market, and since then, they have sold over 2,000 copies to miners all over the world.

Building on their success, in October 2022, Dombey Electric Co. took it a step further and introduced a miner with a solar panel, known as Dompre (Dombey Previa). This miner has two sources of power, allowing it to both attract sunlight to charge itself and be plugged into electricity to charge. It’s made of Photovoltaic cells that are more solid and long-lasting, and it comes with a five-year warranty. To make things even more convenient, shipping of the miners is free to all parts of the world, and customers can check out the products at

On top of all that, Dombey Electric Co. also provides free solar power systems, called D200, exclusively for cryptocurrency miners. This helps to prevent any additional concerns that miners may have with accumulating electricity bills. The systems are easy to operate, as they come with an instruction booklet, and the company’s COO, James Eskola, stated in The Street that many customers of the D200 ended up using it for camping, rather than mining.

All in all, Dombey Electric Co. has been doing their part to help make cryptocurrency mining more affordable and accessible for miners all over the world. By introducing the lower power consuming miners in 2019 and the miner with a solar panel in October 2022, they have shown that they are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for miners, and they have succeeded in doing just that.