Fed Chair Powell’s Grateful Dead Revelation Sparks Ripple Rumors

• US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has been accused of having a connection with Ripple Labs.
• This accusation was triggered by an alleged conversation between Powell and Congressman Wiley Nickel about the Grateful Dead.
• Ripple Labs’ founder Chris Larsen disclosed in 2018 that they got their URL from a Grateful Dead superfan, which may explain the possible connection between Powell and Ripple.

Alleged Connection between Powell and Ripple

An interesting rumor circulating on Twitter has raised eyebrows as US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has been accused of having a connection with Ripple Labs. It all started when a Twitter user identified as @NFAdotcrypto shared an alleged conversation between Powell and Congressman Wiley Nickel before the US Congress this week. According to the post , Nickel asked Powell how he liked a concert performed by the Grateful Dead. With this, Powell replied that he has been a dead fan of Grateful Dead for the past 50 years.

The Inspiration Behind Ripple

Was there a subtle nod to @ripple at yesterday’s press conference or just a coincidence? 🤔 1. Jerome Powell says he’s been a “Grateful Dead fan for 50 years.” 2. Congressman Wiley Nickel responds, “I’ve found one universal truth — I like people who like the Grateful Dead” 3. pic.twitter.com/pv9LTUruMt —NotFinancialAdvice.Crypto (@NFAdotcrypto) June 22, 2023 Interestingly, a section of the crypto community has linked this conversation to a 2018 video interview by the founder and current executive chairman of Ripple Chris Larsen. Speaking on how Ripple got started, Larsen disclosed that they were lucky to get the URL from a Grateful Dead super fan. He added that the decision had to do with the song Ripple from the Grateful Dead, and admitted that the team has always loved the band too.

Who is The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead was a rock band established in Palo Alto, California, United States in 1965. Their music style is mostly psychedelic rock and a touch of blues, country folk bluegrass etcetera which made them one of most renowned bands worldwide .Their song „Ripple“ was performed on September 3rd 1988 which was written by Robert Hunter & recorded by Jerry Garcia .According to some reports ,the lyrics are said to have some sort of correlation with Old Testament’s Psalm 23 .

What Does The Conversation Reveal?

Fast forward it became an inspiration behind establishment of ripple labs decades later .Powell’s interest in grateful dead & comment by larsen reveals lot about possible connections among both parties .Interestingly ,fed chair also seems quite impressed with Bitcoin & its underlying blockchain technology as seen during his press conference at capitol hill during semiannual monetary policy held by republican party members recently .


It remains unclear whether or not there is actually any connection between Jerome Powel & ripple labs but recent developments certainly took away attention from other topics discussed in congressional hearing recently .A thorough investigation will be required for getting any clarity over matter until then we can only speculate here & there based upon available evidences till date .