VeChain Revolutionizes Billion-Dollar Market with Real-Time Carbon Emissions Tracking

• VeChain has announced a new feature that will track carbon emissions in real-time.
• The VechainStats data analytics platform will be used to calculate the carbon cost of each transaction.
• This feature is part of VeChain’s mission to prioritize digital sustainability in the blockchain industry.

VeChain Announces New Feature to Track Carbon Emissions

VeChain has recently unveiled a key feature that is poised to make a name in the blockchain industry. Using the VechainStats data analytics platform, carbon emissions generated by a transaction on the Vechain network can now be tracked seamlessly, in real time. This feature places Vechain in a positive light, as conversations about reducing carbon emissions have intensified over the past few years.

VechainStats Background and Functionality

VechainStats is a leading data analytics and block explorer platform that provides advanced tools for all on-chain metrics for VeChain transactions, tokens, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and more. Its most recent feature was unveiled recently and has been in the market for more than 5 years since its foundation in 2017. With VeChainStats, users of the platform are certain to get transparent feedback on how much carbon a single transaction produces – no matter what kind of transaction it is.

VeChain’s Mission to Prioritize Digital Sustainability

VeChain maintains that tracking carbon emissions is an essential part of its mission to contribute to revolutionizing digital sustainability through blockchain technology. Carbon emission tracking is an essential tool for achieving this goal as it makes it possible for users to understand their impact on our environment when utilizing cryptocurrencies like VET or other tokens powered by blockchain technology.

The Carbon Calculator Tool

In consultation with DNV, the VeChainStats team have built a carbon calculator which can track all CO2 emissions related to VET’s usage – making it easier than ever before for users to calculate their own environmental impact when using cryptocurrency services on VeChainThor network.


With this new innovation from VeChain, we are likely going to see many similar features being released by other projects within this space as well – furthering our collective mission towards digital sustainability within the cryptocurrency industry!